VORTEX in the Sky

Gigantic spiraling vortexes appear in the skies of Norway and Sweden. Are they alien or ufo based? Are they some weird portal?…completely unexplainable.

In the early hours of December 9th, 2009, thousands of people in northern Norway and Sweden were roused from their beds by concerned family and friends, to witness an incredible celestial event. Some were just curious about the unusual light display, others were frightened for their lives when they saw the massive white spiral with the blue tail, growing at immense speed, with what appeared to be a black hole at the center.

There had recently been serious concerns raised about atom testing at the nearby large hadron collider in Switzerland, that could potentially generate a black hole capable of swallowing the Earth. Some speculated it could be ionosphere testing by EISCAT in Tromso, the Norwegian version of Alaska’s HAARP program. Others observed the tunnel-like appearance of the phenomenon and thought it was a wormhole in space, opened by extraterrestrials.

Media outlets and police switchboards were flooded with reports of the event. Government officials scrambled to confirm a reasonable explanation, and were quick to suggest a Russian missile test, which Russia quickly denied, and then, strangely, changed their story, just 24 hrs later. Russia suddenly claimed it was a test of their new forty foot Bulava missile gone wrong.

A rare and embarrassing admission for Russia to make, but also one that didn’t quite make sense. There were no reports of the sighting from Russia or Finland closest to the alleged test site in the White Sea, and, analysis of video footage reveals a spiral 150 miles wide.

Just what could these things be? Could a missle really continually spin around in perfectly circles to as to make a vortex such as this?…and if so…why were they testing missles over populated areas anyway?

Use of the “The Leviathan” picture permitted by Jeff Chang. Check out the rest of his work at http://jeffchangart.deviantart.com.

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