Unexplained Disappearances & Mysterious Deaths; & the cryptic clues left behind.: Creepy Tales of Unexplained Mysteries.

Come with me on a journey….I have secrets and mysteries to share….stories of mysterious vanishing and the cryptic clues left behind; unexplained deaths and the evidence that lead into the most mysterious of tales.
Everyone loves a mystery….right? In this book, we travel down some winding and twisting paths as the stories become stranger and ever more mysterious as we look into the most mysterious, baffling and cryptic of cases.
We meet a range of the most intriguing characters, a whole host of the strangest of circumstances, and the most interesting clues that have been found along the way.
Creepy Tales of Mysteries of the Unexplained; Mysterious Vanishings and Unexplained Disappearances, Missing People, and Unexplained deaths……..
Perhaps you can solve some of these cases…… Many have tried…….But can you find the answers?

True Tales of the most baffling & cryptic Unexplained Vanishings & Mysterious Deaths & the cryptic clues left behind.
Unexplained Vanishings & Mysterious Deaths; there are Creepy Mysteries of the Unexplained….by bestselling author Steph Young. Join me on my Podcast, “Creepy Mysteries of the Unexplained,” The Masquerade Podcast with Steph Young, for more strange and unexplained cryptic cases.

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