UFO Sightings Must See Footage June 25th 2017

UFO Sightings Must See Footage June 25th 2017. ©iUFOSightings.
This next UFO video has to be one of the strangest objects captured on film. This UFO is blending into the background and can barely been seen on camera. There is a lot of grain on this UFO footage. This UFO appeared at a factory but not too much information is known on this sighting. If you have any information please leave it in the comments below.
Alright down to our UFO video of the day. The source was saying bye to his daughter as she was going to school. When she left he headed back toward the house only to see this UFO in the sky. He pulled out his iPhone and started filming the UFO. This is clear UFO footage. What is this UFO made out of? In the end of the video the UFO just disappears into thin air. There is a lot of distortion before the UFO is gone.
UFO Sightings must see UFO footage that comes to us from for VHS tape. This amazing UFO footage was filmed in Michigan. It is believed to be filmed in the 80s. Look at this UFO it is moving slowly and is transparent in nature. The UFO is must see footage. This UFO has been spotted recently in and we have new footage of it stay tuned.
UFO Sightings must see UFO footage from June 25th 2017. This is new UFO footage that comes to us from Mexico. Take a look at this amazing UFO that seems to be transparent in certain areas. It also looks like has it has crevasses. Wat is this UFO made out of? This UFO is just incredible footage and has to be proof positive. It is good to have two video clips of the same UFO.
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