True Paranormal Hauntings: Eerie Legends And True Ghost Stories And Hauntings: Real True Paranormal Hauntings From The Past (Unexplained Phenomena)

Eerie Legends And True Ghost Stories And Hauntings: Real True Paranormal Hauntings From The Past

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Prepare yourself for a walk through history as you will meet many seasoned ghosts from the past that have been haunting communities for centuries. You are about to meet quite a number of ghosts from all over the country and they will change your views on life and death.

It couldn’t be that all souls remain here after they die or else our streets would be lined with the souls of our dearly departed and ghostly pranks and other inexplicable occurrences would not be so unusual at all.

It may also be fascinating for some after they realize that it is not only the souls of humans that can be ghosts. Look at the Hell Dogs of Eldorado, the legend of the Coyote de la Muerte and even the horse in Texas’ Headless Horseman. They were all animals and they too got trapped here without the sweet release of moving on to the other side.

Have you ever thought about what could happen if we humans could find a way to keep our loved ones here and prevent them from moving on? What do you think, wouldn’t you want to see your loved ones one more time, even if they had no bodies?

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • True Paranormal Hauntings – The Phantom Train of Marshall Pass
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – The Legend of the Coyote de la Muerte
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – Buckskin Joe and the many Ghosts that it Boasts
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – The Red Garter Inn Haunting
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – Texas’ Headless Horseman
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – The Hauntings of the Oatman Hotel
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – The Haunted Monte Vista in Flagstaff
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – The Hell Dogs of Eldorado
  • Much, much more!
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