Top Scariest Ghost Attacks Caught on Video Tape, Demon Possessions, Ghosts, Demons

Top Scariest Ghost Attacks Caught on Video Tape 2016 with Demon Possessions, Ghost Attacks. This paranormal video features our sensitive Kristen Manning who has a special ability to see the dead, ghosts, and demons and make drawings of them.
In this paranormal video you will see the Top 3 Ghost Attacks caught on video tape that were foreshadowed by Kristen’s Scariest Ghost Drawings. Evidence of ZoZo the Ouija Demon, Demonic Possessions, and Spiritual Attachments – from the most haunted locations in America.

Sometimes the paranormal evidence that we collect collide with her scary psychic drawings to produce amazing paranormal evidence. All of the video content from this video was edited directly from our live broadcasts!

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