Top 5 UFO Sightings January 27th 2017

Top 5 UFO Sightings January 27th 2017 ©iUFOSightings.
UFO Sightings #5: This UFO video comes to us from Michigan by i696. There is a drone being used to film this Rings Portal. Excellent footage the portal just opens up in midair. It is next to a construction plant and because of the drone view you can see the cars passing by on i696. This one is up in the air.
UFO Sightings #4: Alright this UFO video comes to us from Chicago. Looks like a jet is chasing this UFO. The UFO seems to be made out of some organic material. The UFO also has a unique shape to it. Not exactly sure what type of jet is chasing this UFO. Not sure whether this is a hostile or a test flight. This one is up in the air ladies and gentlemen.
UFO Sightings #3: The Next UFO sighting comes to us from Florida the everglades January 23rd 2017. The source are some wildlife workers working on the python issue in the everglades. They were out tagging or trapping snakes when they saw this UFO just fly by. They pulled out the cell phone and started filming. The source said the UFO made a low pitched humming noise but it gets drowned out by the sound of the insects and animals. This is excellent UFO footage and we are going to have to say proof positive.
UFO Sightings #2: Our final UFO clip of the day comes to us in a foggy night. The source was flying his Phantom 4 drone when he spotted this UFO. The footage is steady and clear. Is this UFO what is causing the Fog? The source says it has been foggy for the last three days in the area. The footage is so steady it seem surreal. The UFO is moving slowly and rotating. Just excellent UFO footage on this one.
UFO Sightings #1: This is the number one video on the countdown we just got this in on January 25th 2017. This UFO looks like a mini city or a mini building. There seems to be energy or plasma around the UFO. The source heard a plane flying by and looked up and saw this UFO. It’s hard to tell how big this UFO is but the source said it is huge. This is excellent clear UFO footage.
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