Top 10 Videos Mysterious Unexplained Happenings Caught on Camera! with Video footage

top 10 creepy disturbing unexplained cctv videos caught on tape
CCTV, otherwise known as closed-circuit television, is better known as video surveillance. Because we humans cannot keep our eyes on the world around us at all time, we depend on cameras to capture the action when we’re not around. CCTV cameras are widely popular among banks, retail and grocery stores, theme parks, homes, basically anywhere that has interaction with the public. When you think about it, that is nearly anywhere and everywhere these days. Wherever you go, there is likely a camera looking at you. This is why sometimes there are so many hilarious moments caught in these surveillance cameras because we forget that “big brother” is watching us at all times. CCTV has been incredibly useful when it comes to catching crime and convicting wrongdoers, because you can’t argue with captured footage at the end of the day.
But sometimes, we manage to capture some really creepy moments on CCTV. Because these cameras are constantly running, the probability of recording something chilling is pretty high. Whether it’s a murder, a pack of ghosts, or some unexplainable anomalies. In this video are ten creepy events that were caught on CCTV. After you watch this video, it may make going to bed at night a bit unsettling because you never know what is happening to you while you sleep. If you happen to catch a glimpse of something that went bump in the night, then you might want to check the camera footage and see exactly what happened. But we’ll warn you, it probably won’t make you feel better!
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