RC Helicopter Ball Flying Toys – Slepwel Remote Control Helicopter Built-in Flash LED Colorful Lighting for Boys and Girls toys – Drones for Kids Gifts (Green)


Do you know what I am?

I am a global flying machine, creative design and perfect modeling make me the best toy for children. It is made entirely of Abs non-toxic plastic, and the color of my body is blue, but when I am started, I will emit different LED colored lights, Having a luminous flying ball will make you the envy of others especially at night.The infrared sensor helps you flexibly control the ball and effectively avoid obstacles to ensure a safe landing. The built-in gyroscope keeps the ball’s balance, so I can fly steadily in the air. Choose me, let me bring a different experience for your family leisure time.

How to use me?

There’s a small black on/off switch on the bottom in mine

Slide the switch to “On” position and Release the ball from your hand

After about 2-3 seconds the propellers will begin to spin and the lights come on

Hold mel in a straight up position and then you can control me to fiy anywhere

Please charge me 30 minutes after the flight of 6~8 minutes

Who’s my best playmate?

Ages 6 and up shall be perfect.

3 to 5 years old children in parents escort, please.

Package Content: 1 x Aircraft, 1 x Charge cable


WARNING: Do not launch at people or animals! Keep away from your face and eyes!

☆ Newest version: It’s like Harry Potter’s golden snitch and will fly away from your hand when you try to grab it.Because it adopts advanced led infrared sensor hover technology to make it motion-sensitive so it detects nearby objects and is programmed moves away from them.
☆ Instruction: at the bottom of the ball, from left to right is induction receiver, charge port, power switch(turn on/off the ball), induction emitter. Using the usb charger to charge the flying ball for 15-20 mins then it could be playing for 6-10 mins. High speed remote controller is included which allows you to turn the ball on/off. Please note it cannot control flying.
☆ Color change led lights: the ball contains batteries and motors as well as flashing LED lights. When you light the lights flashing up. It has a good visual appeal to any child. Especially at night in a dark room, it looks great. Dazzling colors make flying ball more and more beautiful and colorful like a magnified version of the color snitch.
☆ Easy to operate:light weight,easy to fly with simple operation,especially designed for beginner.You can use your hand to control it up and down, or to shut it off and fall to the ground. Don’t worry – the helicopter is very sturdy and will resist damage when it falls.
☆ Perfect gift: Use of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials; it is a best gift for children, kids and teenagers birthday, festival, children’s day, christmas and suitable for any of festival’s gift to kids. You or your kids, families will enjoy this amusing and fantastic process.

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