From buildings shaped like flying saucers, to strange research facilities. Today we’re going to take a look at 15 mysterious modern places in Europe.

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5. The Gherkin
This mysterious building here with 33 floors dominates the skyline of London each and everyday. Many have been quite intrigued by it’s cylindrical shape. It’s made up of enough glass to cover 5 soccer fields or about 24 square kilometers. 3 times taller than niagra falls, the circumference at the middle is 585 feet which is only 6 feet shorter than the total height of the building. During excavation, construction workers discovered the ancient skeleton of a roman girl which only adds to the mystery. In any case though, this thing seems to match perfectly with descriptions of cigar shaped UFO. Like the kind that were found floating over kapustin yar in Russia in the 1960’s. Some followers of David Icke, claim that this tends to resemble a reptilian like skin, covering the shape of an egg. Whatever the case may truly be, this is an extremely advanced building that we may go into more detail about another day.

4. Upside Down House

This homeowner decided to turn his world; and house, completely upside down to see the world from a different point of view. Real estate agents might have a tough time selling this one! You wonder if the furniture matches. It might make things a tad complicated when having guests over. It’s a very creative design and was completed in 2008 on the Baltic Sea island in Trassenheide, Germany. This was placed built here in order to gain a little extra tourism to the tiny island. The interior of the house has said to seriously disoriented visitors to the point of discomfort. Seeing everything some such a dramatic change in point of view might do that to you. Or Could there be some type of that’s simply attracted to this one?

3. AREVA La Hague
It might seem like there’s obvious reasons why a nuclear fuel reprocessing site might be partially censored on Google Maps. You can see that it’s showing an older version of the plant here. But there could always be other reasons than the obvious that they aren’t willing to come forward about. They seem more than willing to accept large amounts of radioactive waste from other countries. Surrounded by barbed wire fence you might think it’s a prison at first, this plant, located in Northern France, on the northern tip of normandy, it has stored water that’s been used at nuclear power plants and recycles it into fuel. They even been willing to take depleted uranium from unused nuclear weapons There’s been much controversy about this place, when greenpeace began drawing attention to the radioactive pollution that it was giving off into the air and the nearby English Channel. They claim to be making what’s known as MOX Fuel which will process other nuclear power generation but many are quite certainly it will increase the possibility of more countries obtaining nuclear weapons. .

2. La Tete Carree
Another strange place in France this sculpture here Nice, France. It stands 90 feet tall, with a person displaying a cubic head with the chin sticking out a little. I guess you could say, this person is thinking inside the box? It’s not just a statue by the way, people can go inside the head so to say and pick out books. That’s right. This place is a library. Locals and tourists alike have found it to be rather intriguing and if you get close enough, it’s actually quite detailed. We’re not sure exactly what the books in there are like but this is definitely not your ordinary library. It’s supported using pieces of aluminum with marble fittings. Whether it’s just modern art or there’s some type of hidden meaning to it, it seems pretty mysterious

1. Porton Down
This mysterious research facility in the UK has been shrouded in mystery since it opened but in modern times, theories have swirled around this mysterious facility. Here they’ve actively researched chemical and biological weapons and were responsible for the contamination of Gruinard Island with anthrax spores. Currently, they’ve been known to research things such as ebola. Chemical weapons are rumored to be buried in the nearby fields and you probably shouldn’t trespass into this place. Many UFO theorists claim that that alien bodies have been taken to Porton Down after a possible UFO crash took place in the Berwyn Mountains of Northern Wales, when townspeople felt the ground shake and lights fall from the sky. Most of the stuff that goes on here, we may never know the true answer.

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