Mini Drone Skyking S-007 Remote Control UAV 2.4GHz Tiny UFO with Gyroscope Gift for Kids Toy Drone with Extra Propellers



Product Information
1.Color:Orange and white
2.Brand Name: Skyking
3.Item Name: Fairy
4.Product Size: 3*3*2.2cm
5.Gift Box: 13*5*11.7cm
6.Control Distance: 25m
7.Operation Time: 5-6mins
8.Charging Time: 18-20mins
9.Charging Mode: Via USB Charging Cable

Package Included:
1 x Skyking Drone
1 x Controller
1 x Manual
1 x USB Cable
4 x Spare Propellers

Tips for Usage
1.When place the drone back into the remote, carefully position the propellers according to the shape of the case to avoid possible damage of propellers.
2.First try will be better if the battery is full charged.

Manufacturer Message:
-This item is suitable for pilots age 14 or above.
-Before operating, please read and follow all instructions.

For more tutoring videos or consultation, please visit our Facebook page: DESIGN: With mini drone sitting inside the controller. Portable for any outdoor activities with family and kids.
DIFFERENT SPEED SETTINGS: Offer different operating experiences for both skilled or junior operators with just a single press of the left joystick to change speed setting.
BUILT-IN GYRO AND 2.4 GHZ: Provides stable performance and ensure a none disturbance flying experience with strong anti-interference.
HEADLESS MODE: Easily changes the default orientation of the craft when you lost the orientation of the craft due to too long a distance. The drone will reorient according to the first input direction of the remote after pressing for the mode.
LOW VOLTAGE PROTECTION AND DORMANCY FUNCTION: When the battery voltage is low, the four indicators on the quadcopter will flash as a reminder. When the quadcopter is charging for a long time without operation, the system will automatically cut off the power. This helps reduce damage of the battery and ensures for a long live of the craft itself.

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