Haunted Dolls: Their Eyes Are Moving: Creepy True Stories Of The Kids Toys… (True Horror Stories, True Hauntings, Scary Short Stories, Haunted Houses, … Ghost Stories, Hauntings And Ghosts Book 1)

Their Eyes Are Moving: Creepy True Stories of the Kids’ Toys…

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Perhaps one of the less common things people feel is a fear of dolls. There is something about those little bodies and creepy little faces that just put people on edge, regardless of any past experience they’ve had, movie they’ve seen, or story they’ve heard.

Pediophobia, as this fear is scientifically named, can range from modern Barbie and Bratz dolls all the way to porcelain and antique dolls. Some only have a fear of one kind of doll, others have a fear of every doll imaginable. But, all in all, the fear is generally classified as one of the many phobias people face in life, and isn’t taken seriously.

Then, there are times that dolls should be feared. Not all dolls, not all of a specific kind of doll, but dolls that have been grasped by beings we can’t see. Dolls that have been brought under the power of beings we can’t normally hear or feel. Dolls that have become haunted…

Though they look innocent, harmless, and like the perfect companion for any little boy or girl, these dolls are malevolent, malicious, and horrifying. There’s nothing playful about any one of them…

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Haunted Dolls: Gina: A Girl’s Best Friend
  • Haunted Dolls: The Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Demon
  • Haunted Dolls: The Murderous Puppet
  • Haunted Dolls: The Demonic Glass Doll
  • Haunted Dolls: The Cannibal’s Doll
  • Haunted Dolls: The Green Eyed Amelia
  • Much, much more!

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