Geekercity 3D UFO Maze Ball Labyrinth Globe Toys Balance Maze Game Puzzle Toy Space Training Imagination Educationg Toy for Children 7-15 Years


Game Rules:
Timed Game :In specified time,the first player to reach the goal wins the game.
If no player can make it to the goal,the player that has passed the most barriers wins the game.

Free Game:Time is not counted during the game.
Whenever a player reaches the goal,the game automatically ends and that player wins the game.
The other players are ranked as per the number of barriers they hace respectively passed.

1 x 3D UFO Maze
Maze ball is made of ABS and PVC material. Chemical attribute of PVC is soft, not thin or flimsy.
Develop kids’ ability of balance control, improve intellect, teach them to build up patience and explore for final victory.
Improve the understanding of space. Improves hand-eye coordination and spatial relations.
Note: Please do not kick or throw this ball, it’s a puzzle toy rather than a sporty toy.
Package includes: one 3D maze ball

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