Dura Chew Dog Toys, Bacon Flavored Rawhide Chew Bone with Unique Formula Mixed Flavours, EETOYS Durable Dental Snack Collection (UFO, Giant/Large)


Various designs of dog chews combined with rawhide and nylon. Unique patented odor formula bring both bacon flavor and a little bit smelly shoes smell into this collection.★★MADE IN CHINA WITH FDA CERT.★★ In US, some people have prejudices in Chinese made products. We are honest and don’t like to see people make a wrong choice. Please don’t buy this if you don’t trust Chinese products.
★★CRUDE RAWHIDE PART INCLUDED★★ Natural rawhide rich in animal origin collagen which provides nutrient supplement for your dogs, is helpful for shiny fur and strong muscle.
★★SPECIFIC MIXED FLAVORS★★ As per thousands times of test in EETOYS’s dog field, we identified a special flavor formula into crude rawhide making it both with meat odor and a little bit smelly. It was proved very attractive to dogs.
★★SUPER STRONG NYLON SKELETON★★ EETOYS introduced high toughness nylon part as the core skeleton which is technical tested and approved to be long lasting after biting from heavy chewers.
★★SMOOTH SCRAP TECHNOLOGY★★ We considered the potential risks when dogs bite off small pieces, developed an unique patented craft to make all possible pieces smooth and harmless.

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