5 Unsolved Mysteries & Unexplained Events

The top 5 scary unsolved mysteries and unexplained events caught on camera. We count down some creepy true stories that STILL remain a mystery.

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Mysterious Visitor

A scary mystery from right in front of someone’s front door. Some strange events take place outside a man’s house, all caught on cctv.

The Head in the Woods
In Economy, Pennsylvania, a teenager is strolling through the woods when he makes a grisly discovery- the dismembered head of an old woman.
But that’s not where the weirdness stops, because when police investigate, they find that the head has been fully embalmed and the eyes removed. One of the strangest creepy unsolved mysteries of all time.

B.C. Beach Feet
On February 9,2016, a family was walking along Botanical Beach in British Columbia, Canada. They find a shoe washed up on the shore. Nothing strange about that. Except that the shoe, still has a severed human foot inside. This crazy true story just gets stranger…

Morgellons Disease
Morgellons Disease is a very rare and controversial illness. Sufferers report the strange sensation of what feels like bugs crawling under their skin. Other symptoms include chronic fatigue, skin sores, and oddest of all – threads or fibers that actually appear underneath the skin. The creepy true stories of some of the sufferers.

8,000 Mile Punch

On July 5, 1996 in Surrey,British Columbia, Canada, a 31 year old man named Blair Adams suddenly leaves his job, removes all of his cash from his bank accounts, and begins one of the strangest escape attempts of all time.
Adams flees over 8,000 miles from his home in Canada and ends up in one of the most bizarre unexplained events in history.
The scary story of Blair Adams is still one of the nation’s most baffling unsolved cases .

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