5 Strange Sky Phenomena Caught on Camera

From bizarre lightning bolts to mysterious cloud formations, this video takes a look at 5 strange sky phenomena that has been caught on camera. Many things remain unknown about the atmosphere surrounding planet Earth. Since the invention of the camera, it was inevitable that some strange things would be caught on camera in the sky. Are these sightings simply natural phenomena or something else?

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Hello and welcome back to ApexTV. From mysterious objects to bizarre cloud formations, today we take a look at 5 strange sky phenomena that have been caught on camera. Number five. This strange v-shaped cloud was seen over Carson, California on September 27, 2015. The sighting itself occurred right after a Lunar Eclipse. An eyewitness of the event who reported it to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). Number four. On June 5th of 2009, a man named Oscar van der Velde of www.lightningwizard.com took this spectacular image of a strange figure in the sky. He took the photograph from his balcony in Barcelona, Spain. The picture itself was taken at a distance of 150 miles (250 kilometers). The strange figure is actually a type of lightning, known as a sprite. These sprites a very rare and few have been photographed. Number three. This strange video taken in Arizona depicts a mysterious sky phenomenon that have gone viral. Theories of what it could be have ranged from UFOs to lightning.Eventually the video zooms in and you can see metallic disk in which the blue beams of light are emitting out of. What do you think it is? Number two. This incredible cloud formation was photographed in Grand Falls, New Brunswick and an amazingly realistic face can be seen in the clouds. The face appeared right before a storm and the video clip has been featured on many local news stations. Number one. This picture from “some interesting facts .net” shows what is known as a supercell. A supercell is a much stronger version of a regular storm cell. Supercells can also result in tornados. They almost appear as giant flying saucers. Thanks so much for watching our video of 5 strange sky phenomena caught on camera.

Huge V-shaped cloud seen over Carson and other cities in California during Harvest Moon Eclipse

Strange Lightning Looks Like Jellyfish

Strange Sky Phenomenon Caught on Tape in Arizona

Incredible Cloud Face Wows Witness

Supercell Caught on Camera

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