5 Santa Claus Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life

5 Santa Claus Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


With Christmas fast approaching comes the age old internet debate…Is Santa Claus real? Or is it a ploy parents use to keep their bratty kids under control? When children reach a certain age, they often start to question whether or not the fat man in the red suit is just a hoax. When this happens, there are usually two outcomes. Either the kid’s parents sit them down for a cautious heart to heart and admit Santa Claus isn’t real…or the parents go out of their way to get their kid to believe again. And sometimes their efforts include making incredibly cheesy videos. Today we have collected some of the worst Santa Claus videos we could find. Let’s begin…

5) Santa’s Sleigh

In this short video we see what appears to be Santa and his reindeer flying over rooftops on Christmas Eve, 2014. This clip may work…if your child is the most gullible human on the planet. As “Santa” flies past, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that none of the reindeers’ legs seem to be moving. It basically looks like a cardboard cut-out superimposed onto the video. If you’re trying to use this video to prove to your children that Santa exists, you may as well cut out an image of Santa from a coloring book, glue it to a popsicle stick and prance it across a blue felt backdrop for them. It would probably be more effective.

4) Krampus

There are some parents who have a twisted sense of humor. Rather than show your kids a cheesy video of their dad dressed up in a Santa outfit, why not scare the living daylights out of them instead? Wearing a creepy white mask over his face, this demented Santa is seen laying presents beside the tree then viciously attacking the onlooker, complete with strobe light effect. Perhaps one of the presents under the tree is a discount coupon for a children’s therapist?

3) The Academy Goes to…

Unlike the parents who want to traumatize their children, some make a genuine effort to convince their kids that Santa really does still exist. In 2014, two parents out of California decided to film “accidentally” spying on Santa as he unloads presents under the tree. Once seen, Santa flees up the chimney, accompanied by flashing lights and stupid sound effects. You gotta give these parents credit though…. they even thought to scatter ashes on the floor. And the mom has clearly spent time taking acting lessons!

2) Santa in Ireland

This video is from Christmas Eve 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. The Camera operator is filming the moon outside of his window when something suddenly shoots across it, leaving a Jetstream behind. Perhaps the guy who shot the video was drunk, or perhaps he was just feeling the old Christmas spirit, but for whatever reason he decided to upload the video and claim it was Santa and his reindeer. While some of his subscribers were convinced, others argued that a wooden sleigh wouldn’t produce gas…unless Santa happened to have beans for dinner that night.

1) Drunk Santa

Sometimes parents go out of their way to spread holiday cheer, and sometimes parents lose a bet. When this guy agreed to be Santa he decided that he would only do it if he was drunk. Rather than the typical chimney entrance, this inebriated Santa decided it would be a good idea to gather the kids and family in the garage where he would appear from the rooftop. Santa then half leaps, half falls from the garage and lands rather ungracefully onto of a truck in the driveway. The kids don’t seem particularly concerned, but it’s clear that the adult relatives are cracking up. This is one visit I don’t think Santa will ever live down.

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