5 Paranormal Events Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

5 Paranormal Events Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


Most people believe in the paranormal, either because they’ve experienced it firsthand or have known someone that has. While most spiritual belief systems leave space for the unexplained and paranormal, cell phones and cameras have made capturing more material evidence easier. Even in the digital and material age, the paranormal is becoming more evident than ever. Will you have your phone or camera at hand if you encounter the unknown? These are 5 paranormal events spotted on camera and spotted in real life! Let’s begin!

5.) Predator

This strange event was captured by a hunter named Jan Maccabbee in the US. This event is related to the Missing 411 phenomena, David Paulides’s investigation into unexplained and mysterious disappearances in United States’s parks and forests. According to Maccabbee, in 2010 she encountered a strange entity while hunting deer in Ohio, when the woods went quiet (sometimes known as the “Oz Effect” which encounters paranormal experiences.) According to Maccabbee, she then saw a strange, invisible though shimmering creature stalking her in the woods. According to Maccabee, she took a picture of the creature, which was then distorted somehow, creating the strange effect in the photo. The photo was examined, and believed to be unaltered. This, like many Missing 411 experiences, relates to a recurring theme in the phenomenon, invisible creatures, almost like the Predator of the horror film series, stalking hunters and hikers in the woods.

4.) Project Twinkle

Project Twinkle was a US air force study, started in the 1940s and headquartered out of Holliman Air Force Base in New Mexico, that researched a series of strange UFOs that appeared in the US during the Cold War. The UFOs, known as “green fireballs,” were characterized by by their green, flamelike appearance, an ability to fly or float in any direction at any time regardless of trajectory, and frequently appeared near military installations several times a month. Several theories as to the origin of the green fireballs included meteors, weather balloons, and experimental prototype missile systems. Project Twinkle ended in 1951 when the Air Force decided that that the inconclusive results were unsatisfactory. Green fireballs continue to be seen today.

3.) UFOs in Turkey

On November 27th, 2016, strange lights were reported as appearing over several major cities in Turkey. These lights were captured with cameras, and also captured on video. Each of the reports included at least four lights in the sky, though in some cases there were as many as 20 lights. Official reports on the event were allegedly suppressed by the Turkish government, which has become increasingly strict in its censorship of social media and the press in recent years, though this evidence made it to the internet.

2.) Sky Sounds in Slovakia

Sky sounds are a strange phenomena characterized by loud, unexplained noises of an unnatural origin reportedly coming from the sky. Recorded reports of sky sounds began appearing in 2012, though historical evidence suggests that the phenomena is significantly older, perhaps even going as far back as biblical times. The sounds are oftentimes associated with the apocalypse or geoengineering. Though many of the original sky sound videos have been proven to be the work of hoaxsters using soundtracks or sound effects from major Hollywood films, reports that are less easily debunked continue.

1.) Mothman Returns

The Mothman is a cryptid that is said to reside in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The Mothman is most famous for sightings connected to the collapse of a bridge in the area that left 46 people dead. The Mothman, as its name suggests, is a humanoid cryptid described as having glowing red eyes and large wings like a moth. While the mothman has remained in the zeitgeist and has become a major symbolic figure in the local area, sightings of the creature have been relatively rare until it was captured by a local while driving down the highway.

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