10 Creepy Poltergeists Caught On Tape

10 Creepy Poltergeists caught on tape.

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The German word ‘poltergeist’ roughly translates as ‘noisy spirit’ or ‘noisy ghost’. Parapsychologists often refer to the phenomenon using the rather unwieldy term ‘Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis’.

Common characteristics of the phenomenon are: the movement and hurling around of inanimate, often extremely heavy, objects, the opening and closing of doors and windows by no visible means, unexplained noises such as voices, moans, screams, explosions, crashes, raps, thumps, scratches and knocks on floors, doors and walls, heavy footsteps, bed-shaking, the breaking of household objects such as crockery, the destruction of garments, the throwing of stones, rocks and dirt, bad smells, mysterious fires, the appearance of pools of water on floors, the malfunctioning of electrical equipment, telephone ringing, the unexplained appearance of objects, apparitions and even physical assault (as in the case of Eleonore Zugun). Stone throwing is very often the first sign of poltergeist activity, with the houses of victims bombarded by stones and bricks sometimes for days (or even weeks) before any other kind of unexplained phenomenon occurs.

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