Unexplained videos for your viewing pleasure

unexplained videosUnexplained videos are a great thing. I find it comforting to know that there is so much yet to be explained. So much we don’t understand. The unexplained has been recorded for millennia, and now we have video. Unexplained videos show us there is still a mystery, still a truth to search for. No one likes the thought that everything’s already been seen and done. That’s why unexplained videos are so popular. Even the faked ones are good, because it makes you wonder.

So sit back and watch some fun unexplained videos. Watch the mystery unfold, the plot thicken. Wonder is our whole purpose for being here, and these videos have plenty. We regularly add new content all day every day. Some of the videos may not be real. We don’t vouch for any of them, we simply share them for you to decide. You decide what’s real or not, what to believe and disbelieve. We just supply the fun videos to watch. So pop some popcorn, grab a friend or two, and stay up all night trying to figure it out. Are we alone in the universe? Is there life after death? Are we being visited by beings from other dimensions? It’s fun to imagine the possibilities.

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